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Dean&Castiel | Every You, Every Me | All alone in space and time / There’s nothing here but what’s here’s mine.


Teenage Dean with his quick wit, his gorgeous looks, his car that has everyone staring when he drives by. Teenage Dean being the one every one wants whether they admit it or not.Teenage Dean being the one everyone wants to hear say that they’re his. 

Teenage Dean being the guy who could have anyone, and being stupidly in love with the one he shouldn’t. His lanky, quiet, shaggy haired, beautiful, beautiful little brother. 

Cards Against Humanity, Wincest Edition [insp]


I’d rather spend an eternity in Hell with you than a day in Heaven without you.

Season 10 - Twisted AU in which Dean acts like a true demon. The normal demon cure does not work, and there is no cure for the Mark. This new Demon!Dean is permanent. When Castiel’s stolen grace burns out, he becomes human again with a soul. Knowing that he will eventually die and never see Dean again, he sells his soul to be with Dean in Hell, because he can’t imagine a life in Heaven without him.

Eventually Castiel’s soul breaks and he becomes a Knight of Hell under Dean. They rule Hell together and wreak havoc on the people they once worked so hard to protect.

Jensen and the wrench story (Spoiler warning for 10x06)


At Jared’s meet and greet, he told fans to ask Jensen to tell the wrench story. Apparently they were shooting a scene last week that required Jensen’s stunt double, Todd Scott, to run across a room and then get launched through the air fifteen feet and slam right through some kind of wooden structure (using an air cannon or something that sounded totally terrifying, frankly). Todd did it, it was fine, and then Jensen picked up the filming of the shot by hurling himself through the same wooden structure (which also sounded totally terrifying). He said okay, I’ll just barrel through, and did – without a scratch.

The next day, he was just supposed to hit something with a wrench and instead he caught his finger with it. OUCH!

Young actress standing next to him: OMG you’re bleeding! (Jensen portrayed her squeal quite well…)

Jensen: (deadpans) Yeah, that really hurt.

He then proceeded to aim the spray of blood gushing from the cuticle at Jared. Naturally.



for Castiel, Dean will always be the Righteous Man, but righteous beyond heaven, beyond fate, beyond destiny. He is righteous because he Is, purely and simply is with all his soul and sweat and tears and blood and broken bones. Beyond darkness, he is passion and heart and human.

he is and always will be the righteous man because to love him is the most righteous thing Castiel has ever done.



for tada4ever and baysalt, for prompts and ideas.

so stupid.


a dean winchester s9 appreciation




Jared Padalecki [VanCon’14] [c]

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