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If you ship both that's hella rad & and we should be best friends

I have a habit of posting nsfw on occasion

~ Currently Obssesed with Hannigram ~

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House M.D - s8
Hannibal - s2
Supernatural - s9
Under The Dome - s2
Teen Wolf - s4
Game of Thrones - s1
The Walking Dead - s3
Once Upon A Time - s3
Gilmore Girls - s2


From Dusk Till Dawn - s2
Dark Angel - s2
Teen Wolf - not watching current season


28 Tales of Kink

Here between you hips (this is where I wanna live)

The Maze Runner

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Arcade Fire
One Republic
The 1975
Arctic Monkeys
Fleet Foxes


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current obssesion is Hannibal <3

The Dean to my Cas



Looks like it just rolled off the set

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